Project: Community Giving House

The inception of the Community Giving House project by Pacific Lifestyle Homes signified a company commitment to build a stronger, healthier Vancouver where families can flourish, businesses can prosper and today’s youth can become tomorrow’s leaders. We considered the legacy we want to leave our successors – one of charitable contribution, altruism and philanthropy that begets a prosperous, connected community.

We wanted to be a part of something far bigger and greater than ourselves.

By aligning ourselves with strategic community partners, Pacific Lifestyle Homes have identified charities that make daily contributions to the health, wellness and sustainability of our growing region. We were discerning in our choices and we are proud of the relationships we’ve fostered with three southwest Washington organizations that exist to enact change and challenge the disparities and struggles faced by far too many Vancouver families today.

Forging these partnerships and dedicating proceeds from the Community Giving House to their distinct yet convergent efforts will strengthen the availability of competent, responsive and quality resources in our community.

Our first designated charity is the Children’s Center, whose organizational focus is offering accessibility to quality mental health services for children and families in Clark County, Washington.

This agency works with our youth to offer a safe haven for recovery and remission from:

❖     traumatic environments, events or situations which have contributed to the onset of mental illness or injury;

❖     brief or prolonged sexual abuse;

❖     mental health concerns, behavioral or emotional struggles.

The Children’s Center also offers a fleet of community services that directly impact the health and wellness of our county’s youth and families:

❖      the Pathways Program, a need-based initiative which serves underinsured or uninsured children in need of rehabilitation and recovery from mental health concerns by providing access to quality, professional care at no cost to the family.

❖     the Coaches Program, developed in part with a generous grant from the Legacy Health System Community Health Fund, which provides specialized care and resources for children impacted by methamphetamine exposure and associated severe mood dysregulation.

❖     The Children’s Center provides mental health services to schools in both the Evergreen and Vancouver school districts. This school-based program targets children and adolescents with identified behavioral or emotional problems which prohibit their success and functionality in an educational environment.

Pacific Lifestyle Homes is dedicated to building value in the homes we create and the community in which we live. We believe that when our sponsors and community members gain awareness of our charities’ great work, it directly influences their decision to get involved. For more information on how to contribute to the Community Giving House, or to receive information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact us today.

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